Understanding fire safety law in the UK can be a daunting task. Various websites offer dissimilar information and obtaining the so called “fire-certificate” becomes a horrific mission. For example, when your loft conversion is completely finished, but the building regulator cannot “sign it off” due to a fire regulation law, is quite a common scenario.

Usually, it is stated, that additional fire protection will be necessary in the existing parts of the house thus every inhabitable room needs to have fire protective doors. Yes, new fire safety rules reveal that any doors facing the designated escape route from the loft conversion must be fire resistant to 30 minutes as standard.

However, one is usually given with the choice of installing fire protective doors without any other option. This can be extremely unpleasant if you desire to keep your old doors because you like them or just because they hold a sentimental value. The other option here, is to use fire retardant varnishes or paints. This way you can keep your old door and comply with the new fire safety regulations and laws.

It happens that our clients have old oak doors that they would like to keep or even painted doors that have a sentimental value thus changing them for bulky, heavy and/or unpleasant fire-doors is usually an option to avoid. This is why, at Lucky Cloud Painting, we offer the restoration of the old doors and painting or varnishing them with highest standard fire retardant materials.

We can, then, get the fire-certificate too, so you would avoid all that necessary headaches. The certificate will indicate the amount of product supplied, applied and the fire rating that this quantity of product would achieve over an agreed specified surface area/substrate. We can paint within the required criteria such as:

  • BS476 Part 7; Class 1 surface spread to flame.
  • BS476 Part 6; Fire propagation.
  • Designated Class 0 in accordance with U.K. Building Regulations.

So if you are looking for professional painters and decorators in London and would like to achieve BS Class 1, Class 0, 30min or 60min protection on standard plaster walls, ceilings and woodwork, please call us and we do all the painting work for you.

Lucky Cloud Painting team.